How to clean up after an Upper Decker

upper decker
Wear Gloves! Please Wear Gloves!

You have been the victim or the proud recipient of an upper decker prank (depending on your perspective).  Now what?  Unless you are some sort of strange hoarder of feces, it is time to do some clean-up.  If you have oodles of money at your disposal, you can always call a plumber – but do you really want to explain why you have a deuce in the back of your toilet tank?  As long as your upper decker bandit dropped a D that fell somewhere near the normal range, you should be fine.

Step 1: Remove any solid matter from the back of the tank.  Gross, I know, but  very important.  Buy a fish net or a pair of elbow high rubber gloves.  Dispose of the equipment immediately.  Also, the good news is that when you get that “solid matter”, you can drop it directly into the bowl.  At this point, you have completed the hard part associated with cleaning up an upper decker!

Step 2: Once you remove the solid matter, flush repeatedly until the bowl is clean.  Upon examining diagrams, the water from the tank flushes when the “flush valve” is activated and the “flapper” raises.  This sends the water down the Inlet and into the (I kid you not) “rim holes” or “wash down orifices.”  If you don’t feel like the water is flowing as usual, you may have some solid matter stuck between the flapper and the wash down orifices.  Flush again, keep the flapper raised, and pour some warm water through the Inlet.  This will help to break up the solid matter. Repeat until the water is flushing clean.

Step 3: Disinfecting.  Although you now have a toilet tank upper decker free, it will be quite a while before you stop seeing the shadow of the prank on the back of your eyelids.  This is normal.  That image will fade quickly if you fully clean and disinfect the bowl and the tank.  Use caution if you choose to put bleach or a bleach tablet in the tank, as it can cause some erosion on the rubber parts of your toilet assembly.  Personally, I think a little bit of bleach or a drop in tablet for a week or so after the offending incident is okay as long as you flush frequently and remove after a week or so.  Another option is to dilute bleach in a spray bottle, flush with the tank lid off, and spray the full tank down.  Let the tank refill, and flush again.

Good luck…and remember…hey, it’s just poop.   We all do it.


Have you been a victim of an upper decker?  If so, we want to know!  Share your story by clicking here.  If you have pictures, then we want to see them.  Become a celebrity not a victim!

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