Upper Decker at a Sorority House – Alpha Chi Alpha

Here is our latest submission from Cliff in Georgia.  They are a little weird in the south!

upper deckerMy girlfriend has always had a weird sense of humour, so I decided to pull a trick on her. I’ve always enjoyed weird humour as well, so this wasn’t the first time I decided to play a prank on her. We both go to a college in Georgia; I belong to a fraternity and she belongs to a sorority. She is studying to be an elementary education teacher; she hopes to teach 2nd or 3rd grade some day. I’m studying to be a geography teacher because I’ve always liked to travel from place to place.

When we aren’t working hard at our studies we like to play jokes on each other. Every few days or so, we will play a joke on each other. She gave me a glass of juice last, however, I knew it was more than juice when I started to drink it. As it turns out, the drink had alcohol on it; she had spiked my juice. To get her “back”, I decided to put an upper decker in the toilet for her to find. If you aren’t sure what that means, it’s pooping in the upper part of the toilet; the next person will get pure poop at the sorority party.

Even though it will cause terror in the people who get to clean up the poop.  I decided to sneak into her sorority party, so I could leave the upper deck when she least suspects it. Since we play so many jokes on each other; she often doesn’t trust the things I say to her or the things I do for her. We both understand the jokes are meant to be in good fun though, so no one takes it personally at the end of the day.upper decker

I tiptoed into her sorority bath as quietly as I could to plant the upper decker. I held my poop until I got there, and pooped in the upper decker. I knew she would probably be the next person to use the toilet, so I waited. I had my friend tell her sorority friends that bathroom was “out of order;” until she got there. I waited close by to get a response from her. She said she thought it was an accident; but she quickly realized this was a joke I would pull on her. She called me, and said she enjoyed the joke I played on her. She said she would think of a joke to play on me in a few days!